Butter Highlights
USDA - Fri May 19, 1:03PM CDT
MD DA451   

MADISON, WI May 19, 2017 (REPORT 20)


United States butter prices are fluctuating. In the Northeast, prices 
are steady to higher. In the Central, bulk butter prices are 2 to 7 
cents over the market. In the West, market butter prices have been 
prodded higher by tight supplies and higher prices abroad. Recent news 
of export opportunities has many individuals wondering what will 
happen to the butter price. Butter prices on the CME spot market 
surged late last week and into this week. The recent price increases 
prompted a rush of domestic buying activity. Butter production is 
generally steady. Throughout the U.S., cream is available for 
churning. Ice cream manufacturers are pulling larger amounts of cream, 
allowing some butter makers to ease back a little on production. 
Butter inventories are controllable to long, as some plants are 
planning to build late summer/fall inventories. Interest is mixed. 
Some are seeing better-than-expected sales numbers, while others 
report a seasonal slowdown. Also, some other end users are taking 
regular shipments and are willing to take a wait and see approach to 
market prices. The market undertone is generally mixed, with 
indications of strength throughout the nation. Friday's CME Group cash 
trading saw Grade AA butter close at $2.3750, up $0.1125 from last 

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