Whey Protein Concentrate - Central and West
USDA - Thu Jan 10, 10:33AM CST

     Whey Protein Concentrate - Central and Western U.S.

     Report 2 - Released on January 10, 2019

     Aside from the bottom of the range moving higher, whey protein concentrate 34% prices are
     unchanged. Many manufacturers report steady demand and customers are generally willing to
     pay current prices. Industry contacts suggest the recent strengthening in nonfat and other
     whey protein concentrate prices are providing some support to the WPC 34% price. WPC 34%
     inventories across the industry remain somewhat tight, especially for favorite brands.
     Production is steady.

     DAIRY MARKET NEWS Monthly Averages
     The December 2018 Dairy Market News average of the mostly price series for Central and West
     whey protein concentrate 34% was $0.8851, compared to $0.8817 one month ago and $0.7490 one
     year ago.

     The whey protein concentrate 34% mostly price series averaged $0.7910 for the year of 2018.
     Prices for: Central and Western U.S., All First Sales, F.O.B., Extra Grade, Conventional,
     and Edible Whey Protein Concentrate
     Price Range - 34% Protein; $/LB:                       .8300 - 1.0450
     Mostly Range - 34% Protein; $/LB:                      .8375 - .9350

     Information for the period January 7 - 11, 2019, issued weekly

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