Lactose - Central and West
USDA - Thu Jan 10, 10:33AM CST

     Lactose - Central and Western U.S.

     Report 2 - Released on January 10, 2019

     Although the lactose price is unchanged this week, the divide between market segments became
     more pronounced. Favorite brands of lactose, 200 mesh and infant formula lactose have strong
     demand and continue to bump at the top of the range and mostly price series. However,
     standard lactose that can be more readily swapped out is facing some market headwinds and
     languishing at the bottom of the range and mostly price series. Lactose inventories may be
     building, especially in the Midwest and for those dependent on moving quantities of lactose
     into some Chinese markets. Industry contacts suggest the whey permeate market in China is
     starting to place considerable pressure on other carbohydrates, like lactose. Others suggest
     buyers are sitting on stockpiles of lactose and permeate and would rather take a hiatus from
     buying through the first quarter and the Chinese New Year. In either case, buyers have been
     slow to respond, unless there is a bargain price.

     DAIRY MARKET NEWS Monthly Averages
     The December 2018 Dairy Market News average of the mostly price series for Central and West
     lactose was $0.3580, compared to $0.3510 one month ago and $0.2208 one year ago.

     The lactose mostly price series averaged $0.2874 for the year of 2018.
     Prices for: Central and Western U.S., Spot Sales And Up to 3 Month Contracts, F.O.B.,
     Conventional, and Edible Lactose
     Price Range - Non Pharmaceutical; $/LB:                .2900 - .4500
     Mostly Range - Non Pharmaceutical; $/LB:               .3200 - .4200

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